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DA to table a solution that could cut fuel prices by R6 in next week's fuel debate

8th June 2022

Parliament has agreed to an urgent debate on the price of petrol next week following calls by the DA who says the government should reduce or remove additional levies on fuel.

According to DA’s Shadow Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Kevin Mileham, they will use the debate as an opportunity to table a solution that could see the petrol price reduced by R6.

The party claims that a petrol price petition it started two weeks ago had already garnered 127-thousand signatures which showed that South Africans were outraged by the high cost of fuel.

“The ANC Government has done nothing to slash the fuel price, and has instead only effected a very short term R1.50 discount, which expires in a few weeks,” he said.

The opposition party has proposed:

  • De-regulate the fuel price, and let fuel providers compete on price to drive down the price;
  • End the general fuel levy of more than R4 per litre, which is nothing more than a donation to the corruption slush fund at National Treasury;
  • Exempt all fuel users who already pay for insurance, from the R2.18 per litre Road Accident Fund levy.

The DA has urged all parties in parliament to support the motion.

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