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JSE list its first cannabis production company

22nd June 2022

Labat Africa is the first investment holding company listed on the JSE who's dealing is with cannabis.

According to reports, the company has become the first South African company to start ethically-approved cannabis clinical trials. The Biodata research project is to test whether cannabis can replace opioids in the management of chronic pain.

Researchers predict that it will provide much-needed insight into the link between cannabis genetics and patient outcomes. This study will also assist doctors across the globe with a safer alternative for their patients to treat chronic pain

Biodata, a subsidiary of Labat Africa, is the brainchild of Dr Shiksha Gallow, a cannabis clinician, and the principal investigator in the trials, which took over 18 months to get official clearance.

Labat said it is expanding its retail footprint over the next few months with the introduction of CannAfrica kiosks in major shopping malls and believes these will be the “ideal locations for physical-sign-up- points for the study”. It added that the kiosks will also serve as Biodata dispensaries and is engaging with a number of vape stores to do the same.

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