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Shoprite aim for small businesses in South Africa with their new division

23rd June 2022

The Shoprite Group has launched Shoprite Next Capital – a new business division dedicated to capacitating and growing commercially-viable small businesses. This forms part of the group’s continued efforts to give small suppliers access to its consumer market.

As drivers of growth, job creation and innovation, SMMEs are crucial to the recovery of the South African economy, and Shoprite Next Capital is the formalisation of the key role the Group plays in the success of SMMEs by giving them access to its consumer market, said Maude Modise, general manager for enterprise and supplier development at the group.

“With Shoprite Next Capital our aim is to further enhance the participation of small and emerging suppliers in our business. Our focus will be on their specific needs and how best we can assist them,” she said.

“Shoprite Next Capital will operate as a one-stop-shop for SMME partners by providing marketing opportunities, working capital assistance, packaging and labelling support, data sharing, product range and geographic expansion, as well as possible private label partnerships.

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